The Royal Visit

On Sept 30th, 2016, the Haida Heritage Centre Hosted the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They arrived on shore after paddling the Loo Plex canoe with the Skidegate Saints Mens Basketball Team. The royal couple was greeted by Hereditary Chiefs, Elders, and the President of the Haida Nation. In the Performance House, Hltaaxuulang Gud Ad Kaaju, the traditional Haida adult dance group performed to honour and welcome our new guests. After the welcoming ceremonies were done, Will and Kate then attended a tour of the Carving House, and the six poles outside of the centre. Inside, the royals were invited to explore displays of Haida Weavings, Carvings, and taste traditional foods.


Ḵay Anniversary

On Saturday August 20th 2016, the Haida Heritage Centre celebrated the 8th Anniversary of our grand opening event. It all began with the Clan Parade, where members of each Haida clan arrived in their traditional button blankets, dancing apron and woven cedar or spruce root hats. They marched from the parking lot to the front of the centre, proudly displaying their crests while singing and drumming. Next, the Opening Ceremonies then in the Performance House, starting with a prayer, official welcome from the chief of the village site, and a peace dance. Throughout the rest of the day, there were games and exciting events for visitors and locals alike to participate in. There was a Haida Language Spelling Bee, Leg Wrestling, Seashell Decorating, and more! The day ended with a Fish BBQ, and an evening of Dance Competitions, performances and fun!

This annual event is a chance for locals and visitors to celebrate the Haida Heritage Centre and its accomplishments. The Ḵay Anniversary offers us as Haida peoples a chance to share our culture with visitors, come together as a community, eat delicious food and showcase the living culture of the Haida peoples.

Dont miss out on the best day of the year at the Haida Heritage Centre!


The Unity Pole Raising

On July 31st, the Gud ad Kiigawaay Gyaagang Ngaay (Clan Together Born Pole) was raised in Skidegate on Front Street. Hundreds of locals and visitors came together to view the amazing 60ft pole being raised and brought to life. This pole symbolizes the unity of the clans within the village of Skidegate, as well as Masset.  This pole was commissioned by the Skidegate Band Council, who also hosted a potlatch later that day, inviting everyone who witnessed the pole raising to have dinner, listen to the carvers speak about the process of creating the pole, and see songs and dances, which is a Haida tradition to make the business formal and proper.