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The Haida Heritage Centre at Kay Llnagaay is a stunning multi-functional building. The Heritage Centre houses the Haida Gwaii Museum on one side. The Haida Heritage Centre side includes other organizations in “the link” or the office area. These organizations currently include: The Haida Gwaii Higher Education Department, Northwest Community College, Swan Bay Rediscovery and the Watchmen program among others.

The Haida Heritage Centre rents out two multi-functional classrooms, the Bill Reid Teaching Centre, Welcome House and the Performance House.

These spaces have been used for everything from conferences, weddings, presentations, college-level courses, board meetings, carving courses and art workshops.

Contact our bookings department at or 250-559-7885 and we will do the best that we can to accommodate your rental needs.

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Stlaay Daw Naay  Welcome House

At the heart of Haida Heritage Centre is the Stlaay Daw Naay  Welcome House where visitors enter a large open space radiating with natural light.

Visitors will experience a welcoming atmosphere and spectacular view of the beach, islands, and ocean beyond. Here, you will be greeted by images of our Hereditary leaders and clan crests, Raven and Eagle.

Stlaay Daw Naay – Welcome House has been used for weddings, dinners and conventions. It is a space that can be utilized in many different ways just let us know what you want and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Gina Guu Aahljuu Naay Performance House

This ampi-theatre can seat up to 250 people. The room is designed like a traditional Haida style dugout longhouse. Large sliding doors at each side of the house provide privacy within the space. The entire area is covered in cedar planks and posts providing an awe-inspiring setting ideal for presentations, ceremonies, weddings, performances, announcements, meetings and other special events.

The area has already hosted weddings, an opera, a Haida theatre play, welcoming ceremonies, and slide show/video presentations.


Bill Reid Teaching Centre

Yaahl SGwaansing Naay  Solitary Raven House

A little bit of history about Bill Reid…
In the studio and classrooms of the Bill Reid Teaching Centre, a new generation of Haida apprentices can learn their craft from master carvers and designers, ensuring the continuation of Haida art forms and techniques. Educational programs, including University- accredited courses in fine arts and special training seminars will attract students from Haida Gwaii and around the world.
Please let us know if you are interested in renting this room for a different purpose and we will be happy to accommodate you.
Dimensions: 18×22 and can seat 32 people with no tables.


Classroom 1

Classroom 1 is available for rent from September through April. This room can be utilized for lectures, meetings, workshops and classes. Please let us know if you would like to use this room for a different purpose and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Dimensions: 18×22 and can seat 32 peoples with no tables.
Please contact the Hosting Department at 250-559-7885.
In the Summer Month Gwaii Haanas Parks orientations are held in Classroom 1 to speak to Gwaii Haanas please phone.

Classroom 2

Classroom 2 can be used for multimedia presentations, lectures, classes, meetings and workshops.Please let us know if you would like to use this classroom for a different purpose and we will do our best to accommodate you.Dimensions 28’ x 23’ and can seat 60 people with no tables.