Upcoming Events

6th Annual Gall and Art Auction

Deadline for drop-off is November 2nd at Gina DaahlGahl Naay Trading House

Gala and Art Auction
November 23, 2019
Skidegate Community Hall

To Pay Respect

Haida Gwaii Museum
Ongoing until December 28th 2019


6th Annual Kay Christmas
December 7th, 2019

12th Annual Kay Anniversary
August 22nd, 2020

7th Annual International Indigenous Tourism Conference

Cultural Ambassador Gaad Gas, Raven Ryland, flew over 2000 kms from Haida Gwaii to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to attend the 7th Annual International Indigenous Tourism Conference (IITC). Over 500 delegates attended this two day conference from all over Canada, and a few international guests from United States, China, and Columbia to name a few.

After 10 hours of travel, Raven arrived in Saskatoon. Arriving a day early, it allowed Raven to attend the Tourism HR Summit and learned first hand experiences from Kevin Eshkawkogan, CEO of the Indigenous Tourism Association of Ontario, Kylik Kisoun Taylor, owner and operator of Tundra North Tours and Patricia Dunnett, General Manager, Metepenagiag Heritage Park (MHP). After this informative session Raven and the rest of the attendees were invited to a VIP dinner later that evening. At the VIP dinner, this allowed Raven to network with people from across the country and a few international guests. At the dinner it featured Indigenous infused food from across Canada. Some of the foods was elk, rabbit, seal, Saskatoon berries and to end the night with a lobster ice cream sandwich.

The Conference opened with a pipe ceremony, breakfast and then the official grand opening of the conference to welcome everyone to Treaty 6 Territory and Homeland of the Metis. It was a beautiful conference which focused on marketing, partnerships, leadership and so much more. It also encourages you to engage in networking, experience indigenous entertainment, going over guidelines, attend breakout sessions and do a little shopping at the marketplace. The conference ended with a Gala where our Cultural Ambassador, Raven, won the National Most Inspirational Cultural Ambassador Award! Way to go!

It was announced that the 8th Annual International Indigenous Tourism Conference will be held in Kelowna, British Columbia!


The Royal Visit

On Sept 30th, 2016, the Haida Heritage Centre Hosted the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They arrived on shore after paddling the Loo Plex canoe with the Skidegate Saints Mens Basketball Team. The royal couple was greeted by Hereditary Chiefs, Elders, and the President of the Haida Nation. In the Performance House, Hltaaxuulang Gud Ad Kaaju, the traditional Haida adult dance group performed to honour and welcome our new guests. After the welcoming ceremonies were done, Will and Kate then attended a tour of the Carving House, and the six poles outside of the centre. Inside, the royals were invited to explore displays of Haida Weavings, Carvings, and taste traditional foods.


The Unity Pole Raising

On July 31st, the Gud ad Kiigawaay Gyaagang Ngaay (Clan Together Born Pole) was raised in Skidegate on Front Street. Hundreds of locals and visitors came together to view the amazing 60ft pole being raised and brought to life. This pole symbolizes the unity of the clans within the village of Skidegate, as well as Masset.  This pole was commissioned by the Skidegate Band Council, who also hosted a potlatch later that day, inviting everyone who witnessed the pole raising to have dinner, listen to the carvers speak about the process of creating the pole, and see songs and dances, which is a Haida tradition to make the business formal and proper.